Lowering barriers in participating in robotics by offering hands-on workshops, introducing resources and opportunities on campus, and supporting personal projects and competition teams.


Founded in the summer of 2015 by Berkeley EECS and Mechanical Engineering undergraduates who share a passion for hands-on engineering design, our goal is to become an informational hub and project platform for undergraduate roboticists.


We bring passionate individuals together and help them build their robotic vision through themed competitions, recreational projects and a supportive community.


Our Fall 2019 Programs consist of the Dorm Ex Machina 4.0 Theme Competition, General Membership, and a Robotics Talk Series.

The student engineers in R@B exhibit interdisciplinary, hands-on skill sets that reflect the diverse nature of robotics. Our members can code in a plethora of programming languages, utilize software such as SolidWorks and AutoCAD to model and simulate machines, design and test complex electrical systems, and perhaps most importantly, can all collaborate to reach a common goal.

Robotics at Berkeley aims to provide a community that openly offers equipment, project funding, and inspiration to UC Berkeley students interested in robotics or in the disciplines that contribute to the field of robotics. We strive to be an organization in which students can explore their own ideas, connect with peers who hold similar interests, build their organizational and communication skills, and hone their abilities to design and fabrication.