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With funding from UC Berkeley's College of Engineering and the Associated Students of the University of California, Robotics@Berkeley (R@B) is hosting a five week long robotics design competition for Berkeley undergraduates in Fall 2018. In Dorm Ex Machina 3.0 (translated "Dorm of the Machine"), selected teams will be advised by experienced R@B officers, funded by R@B's sponsors, and offered workshops and group work-sessions relevant to their projects. The winning design will be the robotic system that is most useful in college dorm-style living as judged by roboticists and ordinary college students at the culminating DXM 3.0 Pitch Night in October.

Interested UC Berkeley students must apply to be considered for participation. Competition teams will consist of 2-4 students each, and students must apply with a pre-formed team. All accepted teams will receive access to the extensive Robotics@Berkeley parts library and will be allocated $100 for additional parts purchases. Competitors will be expected to participate in all major DXM 3.0 events and will likely need to work on their devices outside of designated Robotics@Berkeley events. Students competing in DXM 3.0 will have many opportunities to network with other members of the robotics community here at Cal through regular Robotics@Berkeley activities.

Team at Internet of Things hack-a-thon in a heated discussion wire holding a spool of wire.

DXM teams will be offered multiple forms of project advising. All teams will meet with a Robotics@Berkeley officer in the first week of the competition to discuss their design plan and budgeting. In the first month of the competition, R@B will host a series of workshops on introductory robotics topics that will be useful for most, if not all, of the participating teams. Teams are encouraged to use the Arduino or Raspberry Pi platforms; a key theme throughout the competition will be how to find solutions when prototyping with these platforms both online and through different resources at UC Berkeley. In addition to workshops, R@B will host work sessions where participants can get one-on-one robot advice from more experienced roboticists.

Major Event Schedule

Date Event
9/6 DXM Infosession
9/14 Application Closes
9/15 Application Results Announced
9/24 DXM Launch Night
10/28 DXM 3.0 Pitch Night

Who can participate?

This competition is exclusively for undergraduates registered at UC Berkeley for Fall 2018, visiting students studying at UC Berkeley in Fall 2018, and students in the Fall Program for Freshmen.

How does the application process work?

Students can apply to participate in DXM 3.0 by completing the application form by 11:59pm September 14, 2018. Students must apply with a team, and each team fills out one application. All applications will be reviewed by a committee of Robotics@Berkeley officers. See the application for more details.

What if I don't have a team?

Students are required to have a team formed to apply for DXM 3.0. If you don't have a team formed already, we recommend coming to one of the infosessions so you can meet other students interested in the competition. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and join our email list for other networking opportunities!

What can I build?

The objective of this competition is to build the most useful dorm automation device. Your design must include both software and hardware components. Check out this automated dorm and this team's project from a previous competition for some examples.

Where will I get parts for my design?

Robotics@Berkeley currently has an extensive library of Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, motors, Wi-Fi modules, and other parts that participants can borrow from for the semester. We provide each team with an additional $100 to purchase more specific parts elsewhere if they need them.

How much does this competition cost?

Thanks to our generous sponsors, this competition is free for participants. All parts must be purchased with funds provided by Robotics@Berkeley; this both makes the competition free and guarantees a level playing field.

Do I need to have robotics experience to participate?

No. We provide advising and the resources to get you started in the right direction. Work sessions are designed so that participants with little or no robotics experience can learn the skills necessary to succeed in this competition.

What are the prizes?

Prizes will be revealed to the accepted teams on Launch Night (9/24). Prizes will be awarded to the top three teams at Pitch Night (10/28).

What if I have a question not answered in the FAQ?

Email us at